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Добавлено: Ekaterina Chashnikova
30 марта, 2024

This database was compiled at the request of the European Commission and contains more than 900 terms in 35 (!) languages.

The terminology covers:

  • dosage forms,
  • routes and/or methods of administration,
  • presentations,
  • packaging, closures and delivery devices...

... for medicinal products for both medical and veterinary use.

Standard Terms terminology is used in marketing authorizations, labeling (including summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs)), electronic communications and adverse-event reporting.

❗️ To access the database, you need to register at the website (for free).

1️⃣ Click "Open resource" here and go to EDQM registration website using a button in the end of the page:

2️⃣ Register here. (It's simple and quick. You will see additional explanations along the way.)

3️⃣  You will receive an email with your access details and a link to the database (https://standardterms.edqm.eu). Go to the database and log in.

4️⃣  You're all set! Browse the database by categories or use the search functionality.


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