NCI Thesaurus (NCIt)

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Добавлено: Ekaterina Chashnikova
30 марта, 2024

NCIt features:

  • Stable, unique codes for biomedical concepts;
  • Preferred terms, synonyms, research codes, external source codes, and other information;
  • Over 100,000 textual definitions;
  • Links to NCI Metathesaurus and other information sources;
  • Over 400,000 cross-links between concepts, providing formal logic-based definition of many concepts;
  • Extensive content integrated from NCI and other partners, much available as separate NCIt subsets
  • Updated frequently by a team of subject matter experts.

NCI = National Cancer Institute.

In addition to browsing the thesaurus, you can suggest a term or download the whole thesaurus.


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