How do I use this website?

You are welcome to browse the catalogue as an anonymous visitor or you can sign in to add your own resources and access additional features. 

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What if I find errors in the description of my website or the website of my company?
You can report the errors via the ‘Report’ button on the resource page or email us at contact@mymedpharm.info.
Can I add resources in linguistics and translation theory?
Yes, please, use 'Linguistics' category in the catalogue.
Is the website devoted to medicine and pharmacy only? Are you going to add other fields of expertise?
We are not planning to add any other fields of expertise in the near future. The only exception is general linguistic resources.
I cannot find a language. Can you add it to the catalog?
Please contact us and we will add this language to the catalog.
The link to the resource does not work. How do I report it?
The most effective way is to use the 'Report' button on the resource page to inform the moderator. You can also leave a comment on the resource page.
I’ve found an error on a resource page. How do I report it?
The most effective way is to use the 'Report' button on the resource page to inform the moderator. You can also leave a comment on the resource page.
Can I download a list of resources or a collection?
Unfortunately, you cannot do this at the moment. We may add this functionality in the future.
What are 'parent resource' and 'child resource'?
Both a whole website (for example, a website of an organization) and specific pages of this website (for example, specific publications) can be added to the catalog as a resource. In this case, the catalog will include links to a few pages of a website. The link to the homepage will be the parent resource (e.g. website of the World Health Organization https://www.who.int/). The links to any other pages of the same website will be the child resources (e.g. Glossary of health emergency and disaster risk management terminology https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/331716). If you add the link to the home page first, just leave the ‘Parent resource’ and the ‘Child resource’ pages blank. When you add links to other pages of the website, select the link to the homepage from the drop-down list in the ‘Parent resource’ field. If you’d added a link to a webpage and then decided to add a link to the website homepage, select the added webpage from the drop-down list in the ‘Child resource’ field. Please, feel free to contact the moderator via your account if you have any additional questions.
I cannot link the parent resource and the child recourse: I cannot find one of the resources in the drop-down list
If you cannot find the resource that you have added in the ‘Parent resource’ or the ‘Child resource’ drop-down lists, probably the resources have not been approved yet by the moderator. You can wait for the moderator to approve the resource and connect them as the parent and child resources. If the resources were approved and were not connected, please, notify the moderator by adding a comment on the resource page or by sending a direct message.
Can I receive email notifications about new resources added to a chosen category?
Yes, it's called 'Saved search'. Choose the relevant filters in the catalogue and click 'Save search' at the end of the list.
How do I create collection? I click on the heart, press 'Add to collection' — and then what?

You need to add a new collection first via the blue menu on the left by clicking 'Add collection' under 'My resources'.

Can I add a file to the catalog?
All resources in the catalog are links to other websites. You cannot upload any file to the catalog, but you can add a link to the file (and please tick the ‘file for download’ filter in the ‘Format’ group).
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