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Educational medical YouTube channels in English

Added by: Владислав Банников
March 22, 2024

There are hundreds, if not thousands of medical channels on YouTube, and nobody has the time to go through dozens of videos to find quality ones. We selected a few educational channels for medical students and healthcare professionals that you can start with.

We chose these channels because of:

  • quality content,
  • various topics,
  • good sound,
  • high-quality illustrations,
  • good pronunciation of the lecturer.

🖥️ Osmosis from Elsevier

Elseiver makes high-quality engaging educational videos about different medical subjects, genetics, biochemistry. All videos incllude a narrative and infographics with lovely illustrations. Unfortunately, some other channels (unrightfully) repost these videos or publish videos from Osmosis website that are covered by paid subscription. Still, there are tons of free legal content on the Osmosis channel.

🖥️ EZmed

This channel features educational videos on various topics for medical students. They also shared mnemonic techniques for doctors to remember complex terms and drug names and a series of videos on medical terminology. They also have a playlist with quizzes.

EZMed channel also includes a playlist with quizzes.

🖥️ J J Medicine

On this channel, you'll find educational videos on various medical topics; a playlist on medical terminology; a pharmacology playlist, by drug classes; detailed biochemistry videos; dermatology videos with photographs of typical cases.

🖥️ Dr James Gill

A practicing doctor from the UK demonstrates various medical examinations and tests and explains some medical conditions. The most valuable videos might be his demonstrations of examinations and tests with detailed explanations and text comments on the screen.

By the way, YouTube now adds special bars under videos from licensed doctors and clinics, like this:

🖥️ Ninja Nerd

The authors creates lectures on various medical topics and pharmacology with hand-drawn illustrations.

🖥️ Nucleus Medical Media

Beautiful 3D animations with text and voiceover explaining different physiological concepts and medical conditions. Check the playlists to find animations in languages other than English.

🖥️ Mayo Clinic

This channels offers patient-oriented concise explanations of various conditions, diagnostic procedures, and treatments.

For example: Multiple Sclerosis video

If you know other English medical channels or educational channels in other languages, please share the links in the comments or add them to the catalog.

This selection does not include channels of hospitals, societies, and medical associations where you can watch recordings of webinars and conferences. To find these channels in the catalog, select “vlog / YouTube channel” filter in the “Resource Type” category.


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