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Resources for translators on Cosnautas

Added by: Ekaterina Chashnikova
March 14, 2024
  • Buscador del conjunto de fichas terminológicas que TERMCAT pone a disposición pública
  • Illustrated Multilingual Dictionary of Medical Devices
  • Dictionary of Doubts and Difficulties in English-Portuguese Medical Translation
  • Diccionario de covid-19 (EN-ES)
  • Imprescindible recopilador instantáneo de Soluciones
  • Diccionario inglés-español de investigación clínica
  • Big German-Spanish Medical Dictionary
  • English-Spanish dictionary of allergology and clinical immunology (4th edition)
  • Dictionary of Doubts and Difficulties in English-Spanish Medical Translation
  • Repertoire of initialisms, acronyms, contractions and symbols used in Spanish medical texts  (2nd edition)
  • A collection of links to Internet resources for medical translators and writers

All resources are available under paid subscription.


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