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PubChem database

Fundamental sciences and allied disciplines:

Added by: Ekaterina Chashnikova
March 15, 2024

The world largest open collection of chemical information.

You can search it by substance (for example, active subtance of a drug product) or by target molecules.

Each substance page includes structured information:

  • All accepted names, excluding trade names,
  • Physical appearance and properties,
  • Common applications,
  • Molecular formula and structure (visualized),
  • Standard identifiers (such as CAS No.),
  • Chromatograms, spectra, etc.
  • Relevant references, incl. links to other online resources,
  • And more.

All entries are interlinked, so you can switch from the active substance description to the description of its target, and so on.

This database is a great place to double-check chemical and physical properties of substances.


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