Mymedpharm.info is a hub of credible resources for medical writers and translators.
Here you can find guidelines, encyclopedias, comprehensive articles on specific topics, webinars, podcasts, glossaries, parallel texts, blogs, public pages in social media, and much more.
Any registered user can add new resources to the catalog, but the links become publicly available after approval by the moderator.
On this website, you can:
• Look for resources you need for your work
• Gather all links from your notes
• Create private collections of resources by topics, projects, or clients
• Share your findings with community of medical writers and translators,
• Check which resources your peers use.
Author of this website
My name is Ekaterina Chashnikova, I am a pharmacist, medical translator and writer. Over 15 years as a medical translator I spoke at many translation conferences, delivered webinars for translators, and explored nuances of medical and pharmaceutical terminology in a blog.

In my blog, I also shared links to websites, books, journals, blogs and other resources which may be useful for translators. At some point, I had the idea to organize these links and create an aggregator website to which other users can also contribute.

My dream is to make mymedpharm.info a platform where medical translators and writers can share their knowledge and expertise and build a community to help each other grow.
Contact Us

IP Chashnikova Ekaterina Petrovna
Moscow, Russia
INN 772706139298, OGRN IP 310774634300553
+7 915 291 75 82
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